Bao told your to return in order to their loved ones and give Hetty a go because she treasured him

She informed your she and also the college students would stay. Karl kept hectic and you will stayed out to have weekly. The guy spoke so you can Bao throughout the their region from inside the misleading him and you can Bao advised him one Hetty is actually a better individual than just Lily ended up being. It had been Christmas and Hetty wanted a forest for the children. Elegance and you can Griffin have been scared one Karl won’t want them anymore as well as would need to leave. Xmas Eve arrived and you will Karl delivered a tree getting Hetty and you may the kids in order to decorate. The guy went back for the barn and you can told Hetty he would get into late once more. The youngsters informed Hetty that they must communicate with Karl therefore she stepped these to the new barn but stayed away to provide them with privacy.

It went back to the and you may Hetty are stuck because of the Dennis and you can considering a gift. She attempted to reject they however, Karl appeared with the children and found their having your in the dark. He was suspicious when she told him you to Dennis got caught her off-guard however, the guy made a decision provide their reference to Hetty several other opportunity and produced like you to definitely night. It woke upwards was and it also try a happy day. Griffin gave Hetty and you may Karl specific timber carvings from ponies. Karl offered Griffin a blade to simply help him continue his carving services. Hetty got embroidered Karl an image of two bitterroot flowers and you can he’d created their particular a box with similar rose created on top.

They contains his christening outfit. Elegance gotten the fresh new kitten she wanted and you will Griffin obtained a great horse. Karl gave Elegance a toy you to definitely she got usually imagined acquiring. It actually was nearly 4 days after you to definitely Elegance approved one Hetty try pregnant. Hetty suspected you to definitely she got devised on vacation eve therefore the baby is actually owed from inside the September. Karl overheard her or him sharing it as he was getting ready to look a bear having Griffin and you can Dennis. Hetty don’t would like them going but it try something got to be done. They went from looking for the latest incur and Griffin got advised Sophistication which he had to head to include Karl off Dennis.

A beneficial cougar had assaulted Griffin’s pony

Dennis certain them to stay out quickly and you can put a percentage off their restaurants throughout the trees rather than mention of the it attracting the fresh new happen. They visited sleep and you can was woke upwards by the a pony screaming. Karl and you will Griffin one another try the fresh new cougar and then Dennis added some other round on the already inactive creature. Dennis claimed new cover up while the their eliminate and you will Karl argued you to Griffin got killed they. Griffin informed Karl that he didn’t want to buy and you will Dennis skinned it. Grace are concerned because dudes didn’t get back and you will talked Hetty into the fun to search for them. They talked Bao towards choosing her or him. It lead out and discovered the campground and all new blood regarding cougar.

Karl is scared that Sophistication is actually too old but she treasured they and you may entitled it Julia

They continued its browse and found the inventors. Karl attempted to encourage them to go home and therefore the bear discovered him or her and so they become running aside. Karl told them to last and then he turned-back to help you have the happen. He located the happen recording Dennis therefore the cougar cover up. It actually was obvious you to definitely Dennis is went toward in which he think he would find the bodies off Karl and you can Griffin. The guy was not searching to your sustain. Karl try watching the fresh new bear and you may read Dennis hГ¤nen selityksensГ¤ informing his pony so you’re able to settle down. New pony put Dennis and then he spotted new incur. Karl informed him so you can lay still however, Dennis failed to. Brand new sustain made an effort to assault Dennis when Karl take to and you will murdered it. The new sustain arrived toward Dennis also it killed your from the suffocation.